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"We loved working with the 4 Hims!  Besides being hilariously entertaining, they were great to work with.  We asked them to involve 5 different choirs of different ages and abilities in their performance and they chose songs that the kids could help perform and really enjoy.  Besides their performances for/with Cache Children's Choir, I have had the pleasure of being at several other performances and have had a ball.  Yes, there are corny jokes, but there's underlying excellence and strong musical and comedic background that all audiences can appreciate."

    Barbara Moon, former artistic director, Cache Children's Choir


"I have hired the 4 Hims for several events, and would enthusiastically endorse them for most any event. Their tight harmonies and easy style are a delight for any audience. They are as comfortable with "serious" barbershop music as they are with hilarious songs from Sesame Street. Additionally these guys are great to work with and very professional. I will definitely book them again!"

    Marianne Sidwell, former director, Logan Summerfest Art Faire

"I first encountered The 4 Hims a few years ago when they performed as the barbershop quartet in 'The Music Man' at Rodger's Memorial Theatre.  I remember thinking how amazingly talented they were--their sound beautiful and harmonies so tight!

    "Just recently, Centerpoint Legacy Theatre held a gala featuring Jon Schmidt.  The committee was looking for some people to serve as "singing waiters"--performers who would go around to the tables and entertain guests during the dinner before the concert.  Whoever we chose needed to be terrific.   I INSTANTLY thought of The 4 Hims.  Remembering back to the level of quality they displayed in "The Music Man," I knew they would be perfect for the job.
    "The 4 Hims graciously agreed to be our "singing waiters."  I was thrilled.  And they were FANTASTIC!  Throughout the process of preparing for the gala, and then watching them perform that night, I discovered that they were far more than a "barbershop quartet."  Can they sing beautiful barbershop?  Absolutely.  But they have all sorts of other material I had no idea about until I worked with them--they sing numerous genres of music, they beat box, they do comedy sketches, they play instruments.  Basically, you name it, they can do it--and do it superbly!
    "Possibly the best aspect of The 4 Hims is the fact that they are just great guys with charming personalities.  They are gracious, honest, fun, positive, creative, hard working, and easy to work with.  And talented.  Did I mention talented?"

    Sherry Cutler, Centerpoint Legacy Theater

Four brothers.  One quartet.

​  Entertaining, innovative and

​    sometimes zany barbershop

      entertainment for any event.